VIR, National R1: Bonilla in a Nailbiter

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Last lap, four corners to go, Lorenzo Mandarino inches in front of Gerardo Bonilla. Bonilla got a run out of the last corner and it was a photo finish over the line — Bonilla by 0.007 of a second…

At halfway, Cole Nelson (77) led Pablo Sanchez Lopez (77), Jordy Vorrath (47) and Matt Varsha (31). All four would end up off the road, for various reasons, before the race was done.

Regional Race Series frontrunner Sy Aryeh entered his first-ever National event — and did awesome on his way to fourth. His fastest lap was just a second off race winner Bonilla’s.

Bonilla was involved in a first-turn melee that saw him rejoin almost DFL. ”When I saw the board that showed six laps to go and I could spot the leader going into One, I knew I actually had a chance for a podium.” Yep, top step, even!

Mandarino (l.) came from sixth on the grid to finish second, and newcomer David Greco (r.) — who hadn’t been in a Formula car race until today — snagged P3.

Rick Roso

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