3 Day Racing School

“Then a gift from my wife and family greatly changed the direction to the next chapter of my life: a three-day course at the Skip Barber Racing School.”

Patrick Dempsey

 Program Description

The Three Day Racing School is every driver’s gateway to motorsports and racing. This is Skip Barber Racing School’s signature product – with a curriculum that combines classroom sessions with practical hands on seat time. The Three Day Racing School is a prerequisite for racers interested in obtaining a club, professional or international racing license. In this unique program, students master the fundamentals of racing in classroom and driving sessions. The cars used in the program are our race prepared Mustang GT School Cars. The School Car has braking and cornering capabilities that vastly exceed any street or sports car.

The curriculum of the Three Day Racing School is based upon the original program designed by former Formula One driver John “Skip” Barber.

1 in 3 professional racecar drivers in motorsports is a Three Day Racing School Graduate. So whether you want to be a pro, or just drive like one, it all starts with the Three Day Racing School.

The Three Day Racing School approach is progressive, each day’s lessons prepare the student for the experience on the following day.

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Program Details

Day One: In the morning, students will spend some time in the classroom and then out on the autocross course where Skip Barber instructors teach the group how to operate the racecar in preparation for on-track training. Students then review the proper racing line, race style downshifting, threshold braking, and cornering techniques. All of these exercises are important in helping the racer find their “limit” inside the race car and discovering the car’s true capability.  After lunch, a downshift talk and exercise takes place before turning the first on track laps of the school in lead-follow sessions.

Day Two: On the second day, there is a substantial amount of time spent on stop box lapping sessions while getting instant feedback in the race car. Stop box lapping gets the racer as comfortable as possible in the car with extensive repetition, feedback and progression lap after lap.  Students will also do additional braking exercises and learn to read the various racing competition flags used worldwide. After lunch, students have a brake and tech talk before an intense exercise of proper braking techniques.

Day Three: The last day of the school incorporates racecraft. The student puts everything that they have learned to the test. Students will practice real racing starts and restarts, complete several passing and drafting exercises, and get plenty of open lapping sessions.

Upon the successful completion of this school, drivers will be eligible for an SCCA Novice Competition License (SBRS will issue a letter of recommendation based on the driver’s performance at the school. The charge for the letter is $225.00) and/or Skip Barber Advanced Activities. The Advanced Racing Activities are the next step in qualifying graduates of the Three Day Racing School. Graduates of the Advanced 2 Day racing School will be eligible for a Full Competition License from the SCCA (the same fees and recommendations that are mentioned above apply). Further, those graduates are eligible to compete in either the Skip Barber Racing School Championship Series or Winter Race Series or apply for the Skip Barber Racing Academy Scholarship Shootout.

Prerequisites: Driver must be 16 years old or have an approved karting background. Karting backgrounds will be approved by the chief instructor. Drivers must  be proficient with a manual transmission. Drivers under 18 must have a parental consent form and waiver signed.

Graduates of this program can always do more! What's the next step?

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    3 Day Racing School

    It All Starts Here. The 3 Day Racing School is every driver’s  gateway to motorsports and racing.

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    2 Day Advanced Racing School

    This school picks up right where the Three Day Racing School leaves off and helps the participant transition from student to Racer. In this school, students are able to polish the skill set developed, while adding speed and consistency..

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    Advanced Activities (OPTIONAL)

    Advanced Activities include lapping and the Advanced Car Control – it prepares racers to get on track as well as perfect vehicle dynamics.

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    Race Series

    Skip Barber Racing School is the leader in training motorsports legends of the future through entry-level, equal car championships.

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