Skip Barber Customers Make History at ‘New’ Lime Rock

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 LAKEVILLE, Conn. – It was a very busy day at the ”new” Lime Rock Park on Friday, July 4 – the first time race cars got on-track to put laps on the all-new pavement and the two new optional corner complexes in The Uphill and West Bend. Making history were more than 20 Skip Barber Racing School customers, who were among the very first drivers to turn wheels on the famous track.

But it’s appropriate that the very first driver on Lime Rock’s now super-smooth surface was legendary local Sam Posey, of F5000 and Trans-Am fame. He took out his recently restored 1981 PRS RH2 Formula Ford and put in a few hot laps. Needless to say, that was very cool to see.

Next out were seven Skip Barber instructors, putting in a series of 10/10s laps in the Formula Skip Barber school cars: Matt Sklarz, Jason Holehouse, John Murphy, R.B. Stiewing, Dean DiGiacomo, Bruce MacInnes and Mark Hamilton Peters.

They were getting a feel for the new pavement in anticipation of doing the instruction for the first retail customers, five drivers enrolled in the Intro to Racing class who made a little history: Michael and Tom Horrigan, Jacques Paul, Michael Kandalaft and Dan DiGiacomo (yep — Dean’s Dad).

Then in the afternoon, 15 more Skip Barber customers got on track, for a rare Formula Skip Barber (as opposed to the Skip Barber Formula 2000) Lapping Session.

This scribe also got some laps in and can tell you the Classic configuration feels the same as it always has, but now wonderfully smooth. The well-executed alternate Uphill and West Bend complexes are a lot of fun and very interesting, and certainly make for excellent passing zones.

All in all, the people at the Skip Barber Racing School are extremely pleased with how well these Lime Rock Park upgrades have been designed and completed. We are very proud that among the first people to drive the track were actual Skip Barber customers. We can confidently predict that Racing School and Race Series drivers will find their Lime Rock experiences even more rewarding from this point on!

Famous racer Sam Posey, long associated with Lime Rock Park, took his Formula Ford out for some laps, then talks about it with Skip Barber instructor Mark Hamilton Peters.

Entering the alternate Uphill complex are SBRS instructors Bruce MacInnes (white 18) and John Murphy (red 40).


The five Skip Barber Intro to Racing customers on the track.

One of the Formula Skip Barber lapping session customers was Michael Culver of Canada, seen here in the alternate West Bend complex.

Rick Roso, words & photos

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