Saturday Scenes from Shoot-out

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Saturday, January 14, 2006 SEBRING, Fla. – Today was all about track time, as all 59 drivers got three more sessions each. The panelists ”opened up” Sebring’s famous Turn 17 (also known as ”Sunset”). Friday it had been configured as a second-gear ”90,” but Saturday its traditional, tricky, decreasing radius 180 was in play. Also, every session, each driver was assigned a different R/T 2000 than he or she had driven previously.

Sunday morning, the panelists will reconfigure something else; the driver groupings. ”There are some drivers we want to see going head-to-head, on the track at the same time in the same conditions,” said one of the judges. ”How they react to that is an element going toward our final decisions.”

Below are some images taken during Saturday’s action.







Rick Roso

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