Rounds 7 & 8 of the Skip Barber Winter Series

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The Skip Barber Winter Series traveled to warm Florida for Rounds 7 & 8 of the series. Kyle Masson had a successful weekend taking home 2 first place finishes and one second place finish. Other notable performances from the weekend include Bryan Hixon who took home first place in the first session and second in his last session of the day.

In Group 1, Race 1 Kyle Masson began the race on pole but Sting Ray Robb would challenge him in the 4th lap. Sting Ray’s quick pop wouldn’t last long. Masson would overtake him in the next lap. After the initial battle between the two, Masson would hold on to the top spot.   Ralph Forcier, who began the race in third, would see a similar challenge from Nicolas Bakker. Despite making an impressive pop in the second lap and making it stick, Bakker would lose his position lap 5 as Forcier would secure third.  Masson would take home the win followed by Robb and Forcier finishing the top 3.

In Group 1, Race 2, Kyle Masson would start the race on pole and would not look back. Masson wouldn’t drop a position in the entire session and would take home the win.   Ralph Sting Ray Robb would begin the session in second, but Ralph Forcier would overtake him early in the session.  Forcier’s place would be challenged quickly after his pop as Nicolas Bakker would challenge Forcier in lap 3 and overcame him.  Masson grabbed his second win of the weekend followed by Bakker in second and Forcier in third.

In Group 2, Race 1, MAZDASPEED Challenge, Grand Master Kieron O’Rourke started the race on pole but Bryan Hixon would make his way to the front early in the session securing the top spot in the second lap. Despite his early pop for the lead, Hixon would still feel pressure from Grand Master Felix Borodaty.  In lap 8, Borodaty would overtake Hixon for the top spot but his position would be short lived as Hixon reclaimed the top spot with Borodaty in second and O’Rourke in third place.

In Group 2, Race 2, MAZDASPEED Challenge, Bryan Hixon would start the race on pole but Grand Master Felix Borodaty would apply pressure to the veteran early in the session. The two exchange positions in the following laps until Hixon secured first in lap 4. He would not look back. Grand Master Kieron O’Rourke  started the race in third but would fall back a few spots in the early part of the session.  Brad Little jumped four spot in lap 7 and made his way to the third spot in the final lap.  Hixon took home the win followed by Little who took second place and Grand Master Charles Craig in third.

In Group 3, Race 1, Kyle Masson started the race on pole but Devin Wojcik would challenge him in the first lap to overtake the top position in lap two. Despite his early move,  Masson would retake the top spot in the next lap and wouldn’t look back. Wojcik would secure second followed by Davis Durret who showcased consistency in the session by not dropping one position in the session.

In Group 3, Race 2 Kyle Masson would begin the session on pole, but Devin Wojcik would make an pop for the lead in lap three. Masson would challenge Wojcik in the next lap and the two would exchange positions until Wojcik makes a final pop for the lead in lap 7. He would make it stick.  Masson would drop back. In the battle for second, Sting Ray Robb would make a hard charge from sixth to third. He would make another pop in lap 7. Davis Durrett would round out the top 3.

Current Points

Formula  Master  MAZDASPEED 
Devin Wojcik – 256 Jeff Stern  – 207 Bryan Hixon – 279
Davis Durrett – 210 Robert Masson – 132 Felix Borodaty – 252
Raphael Forcier – 208 Laurence Gibson – 126 Sam Schecter – 239
Kyle Masson – 203 David Panaci – 70 Zach Month – 234
Sting Ray Robb – 186 Lou Holy  – 64 U.D. Ramsey – 204

Racers will have time off before traveling to National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park on March 9-13, 2016 for the next rounds of the winter series.


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