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Friday, July 07, 2006 Jam-packed, the annual Road America all-singing, all-dancing race weekend (Midwest, East, Masters National and National) went off without a hitch and we saw lots of people – there were 80+ drivers on hand – having a good time. The weather was awesome, and the best-in-the-business Road America Safety Crew did their usual stellar job…

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G1R1 (Sportsman East)
This one went brilliantly back and forth between Julia Landauer, Stirling Brinner and Tim George. In the end Brinner took the win, while Landauer and George were served with penalties. Robert Grien and Dirk Daems rounded out the podium. Joe Koenig, George and Landauer were fourth through sixth, with Tom Capizzi, Rudy Kellerman, Paul Dudiak and Bill Oliver rounding out the top 10.

G1R2 (Sportsman East)
Landauer galloped to a near-three second win over George, who took over P2 mid-race. Brinner got the final podium spot. Daems and Capizzi rounded out the top five. Sixth through the 10 spot were Kellerman, Nick Spencer, Grien, Jeff Oleen and Lauen Koenig.

Stirling ‘‘Thank God I’m Not Related To Syd’’ Brinner had a win and a third in Group 1.

G4R1 (Championship East + Midwest)
This was a heated contest between Revere Greist (M.W.), Craig Duerson (E.) and Kyle Lawrence (M.W.). On the last lap, Greist got the overall win, with Duerson’s P2 earning him first place amongst the six Midwest drivers. Third across the line was John Peterson (second M.W.) while fourth overall was Matthew Jordan (second E.). Next were Dom Bastien (P3 E.) and Tom Brown (P3 M.W.).

G4R2 (Championship East + Midwest)
Yet again Duerson and Revere Greist had an entertaining tussle for first overall – each led five of the 10 laps – and again Greist got the goods. Peterson was third on the track (second in M.W.) followed by Lawrence (P3 M.W.). Be a Racing Driver Scholarship winner Stevan McAleer was fifth at the stripe and P2 in East, while Hayden Duerson came from 14th on the grid to cross the line sixth (third E.).

Fortunately for these two, Wisconsin has yet to enact an anti-clash statute…

G5R1 (Sportsman + Championship)
This group had four Championship Groupers and 11 Sportsmanites. It was a Son-Dad 1-2 as Revere Greist strolled to victory over Papa John by 35 seconds. Sportsman Kasey Kuhlman was third across the line, but that was pre-penalty; he wound up fifth in class). So the Sportsman win went to Mark Fee, followed by Ryan Molloy and Daems. Chris Weldon was third in Championship.

G5R2 (Sportsman + Championship)
It was Team Greist again, but this time Papa John was inside of 10 seconds to Revere. Mike Kolacki was awesome coming home third at the stripe to take the Sportsman victory. Jason Weiner came from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay downtown (16th on the grid) to cross fourth, which gave him P3 in Championship. Fee and John Potter rounded out the Sportsman podium.

G6R1 (Sportsman Midwest)
Landauer, doubling up this weekend, went flag to flag to win her second race of the weekend. Fellow doubler Kolacki ran second the whole race but had to fend off a charging Jim Booth to hold on to it! (he was .083 ahead of Booth, who set fastest race lap.) Stefan Sajic and Rick Balsley made the top five.

G6R2 (Sportsman Midwest)
This time Kolacki and Landauer went back and forth for the lead in exciting fashion, but Julia won it by less than a second at the checker – her third W of the weekend. Ryan Rutzinski vaulted up the lap chart from eighth on the grid to third, setting fastest race lap on his last one, when he got around Booth. Paul Kurtz got fifth.

Julia Landauer turning in flat for the Kink.

Next up!
The Eastern guys and gals head to Lime Rock Park for the first time this year, July 13-15, then it’s another almost all-singing, almost all-dancing weekend at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant July 28-30 (the only ones missing are the National kids, who race at the Trois-Rivieres Grand-Am event the following weekend).

Drivers in the Skip Barber National Presented by RACER got some ‘‘Hot Seat’’ time in during the weekend. What? Those aren’t SBN drivers? Are you sure?

Rick Roso

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