MotoCzysz Wins TT Zero

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rider Mark Miller and MotoCzysz founder Michael Czysz (2nd from right) celebrate victory on the Isle of Mann (photo courtesy
Amadeus Photography)

MotoCzysz, founded by Skip Barber Superbike School Powered by KTM Lead Instructor Michael Czysz, won the TT Zero electric motorcycle race yesterday, riding the E1pc, Mark Miller lapped the Isle of Man at a record 96.820 MPH, just shy of the 100 MPH goal the team was aiming for. The win is history-making for more than just electric motorcycles–it’s the first time an American-made bike has won a race at the Isle of Man since Indian debuted a two-speed gearbox in 1911 and only the second time an American rider has ever finished first in any TT race.

To put the MotoCzysz’s speed in perspective, last year’s electric race-winning 87 MPH lap is roughly equivalent to the speed of the winning internal combustion engine bike in 1938, while this year’s speed would have placed MotoCzysz second in 1957. With that kind of development pace, where will electric motorcycles be 19 years from now?

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Wes Siler, Hell For Leather magazine

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