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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 The fifth and sixth races of the 2005-2006 Southern Series (and the final round of the Triple Crown championship and the Third Annual Skip Barber U.S. Regional Run-off) were at Homestead Miami Speedway. Homestead is an awesome track to race on, especially since we utilized NASCAR Turns 3 and 4. It’s very close to being as good as racing at Daytona! That meant terrific opportunities to draft – and that made the racing closer than ever…

Photos from Homestead are here

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A separate story on the Regional Run-off is here

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G1R1 (Championship)
Michel Garrido moved up from Sportsman (he had won a race at Moroso) to Championship for this weekend, and after a great dice with Ricky Taylor, Duncan Ende, Alex Doman and Andre Villarreal, he took the win, just .039 in front of Villarreal, with Doman, Taylor and Ende nose-to-tail behind.

G1R2 (Championship)
Another tremendous back-and-forth battle between Taylor, Ende, Garrido, Villarreal and Terrick Mansur, there was contact and four-offs as part of this wild mix. Taylor crossed the line first, with Garrido and Villarreal next, but both were served safety-check penalties post-race. That gave Ende P2 and Mansur P3, with Carlos Llano and Dom Bastien rounding out the top five.

G3R1 (Sportsman)
This one was a relative walk for Eric Freiberg, leading every lap. Daniel Parras crossed the line second, but he got a 20-second penalty for failing to report and so officially ended up third, behind Hayden Duerson (Craig’s teen son). Caleb Loniewski did awesome – 10th to fourth – with Manuel Mendez fifth.

G3R2 (Sportsman)
No “failing to report” penalties for drivers up front! (Well, one… Loniewski finished fifth on the road but was demoted to seventh.) Duerson the Younger officially led every lap, Parras got second place, a couple ticks behind, with Miles Bell third. Dane Moxlow and Marc Bastien (he the progeny of Dom) rounded out the top five.

G5R1 (Sportsman)
First time winner! Travis Wolcott led every lap, while Tim George went fourth-to-second and Yannick Hofman second-to-third. Yuta Wada and George Morales took P4 and P5, respectively.

G5R2 (Sportsman)
Hofman and Wolcott went at it good in a tight fight, but Hofman prevailed, less than a second in front by the checker. Tim George was an unmolested third throughout, with Mendez (from 11 th) fourth and Steve Rooyakkers fifth. This was not Yannick’s first win, but it was much more satisfying than his Moroso victory, which came as a result of a penalty to the driver who crossed the line in front of him. Way to go, Yannick!

Southern Series Triple Crown, Race Three
Duncan Ende officially crossed the line as the leader 15 of the 16 laps, but that doesn’t account for lead changes on the track before start-finish. John Peterson at least twice got around Ende on the backside, only to have Ende re-take the lead on the banking. Then, on lap eight, Patterson took the lead on the front straight – then promptly fell off the road in T1! When all was said and done, Ende ended with a 22-second MoV over Alex Bolanos, with Bstien the younger, Peterson and Bastien the Elder side-by-side across the line!

And who was sixth? Michael Gomez. Despite Ende’s fine winning drive, Dr. Gomez’s finish clinched the 2006 Southern Series Triple Crown Championship, 145 points to Ende’s 138. And Alex Bolanos’ P2 wrapped up the Sportsman Division of the Triple Crown, 116 to Yannick Hofman’s 72. Congratulations to both for their excellent efforts!

The Lou Rawls Memorial
Duerson the Elder was your winner, HazMat second, “Fireball” Bonilla third, Ari Get Off! fourth and Laura Row-Row-Rows Her Boat fifth.

Coming up! The Sebring 12-Hour Skip Barber Open Invitational! The Open Invitational is open to ALL Series drivers. The race week begins Tuesday, March 14 with Lapping (special price! $750), then Practice and Qualifying Wednesday. Race 1 will be Thursday, March 16, Race 2 on Friday, March 17. Your chance to race in front of hundreds of thousands of fans!

Ricky Lusso

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