He started out as a Skippy mechanic…

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


He started out as a Skippy mechanic. No shock, he was great at it. Moved into the Lakeville office to become a school and series advisor; very quickly he became one of the best we had seen. His sincere, intelligent mien, his depth of knowledge, earned him the Race Series role of what we now call driver relations manager — where he excelled once again. So Skip sent him to Laguna Seca, to oversee the whole kit and caboodle out there. Where he did yet another fantastic job. Brought back to Connecticut to take over at Lime Rock Park, where he earned the respect and admiration from everyone: competitors, Michelin, Dodge, the SCCA, Porsche and BMW clubs, to name only a handful. Then last fall, he went back to California to get his graduate degree.

Fun, generous, kind, smart and passionate doesn’t even begin to describe him.

His sudden and tragic leaving is terribly sad. We miss him deeply.

His name is Michael Johnson.

Stay flat through the esses, Michael…


Skip Barber Racing

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