Driving School

Driving School

Skip Barber Driving Schools teach the survival skills needed to safely handle today’s challenging road conditions over the course of one full day. Using time tested racing techniques, everyone in the family can benefit – from the teenage driver to the more experienced enthusiast. Each course is a carefully constructed combination of classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction in an exciting variety of passenger vehicles. Participants have the time of their lives – and learn the skills that could save them! Driving School experiences should be shared! Come alone or bring a friend… the more the merrier!

What to Expect?

The Driving School provides a foundation for safe and proficient driving. Students of this one day program gain a greater understanding of vehicle dynamics. Knowing how a car will respond in an emergency situation is critical to knowing how to avoid one. During this school you participate in accident avoidance exercises like panic braking and emergency lane changes. You will also learn how to properly correct a skid, practice slides and recoveries, and introduce yourself to performance driving on the autocross course.

After completing a One Day Driving School, students can elect to take a One Day High Performance School, One Day Racing School or Three Day Racing School.

Prerequisites: Driver must be 15 years old and have a minimum of 20 hours of driving experience. Drivers under 18 must have a parental consent form and waiver signed. The driving school is offered at the infield facilities of select race tracks across the country.

Graduates of this program can always do more! What's the next step?

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    High Performance Combo

    Combining the best of both worlds – driving and racing – in an action packed experience.

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    1 Day High Performance Driving School

    The time-proven Skip Barber Racing formula, experienced behind the wheel of a variety of high performance sports cars.

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    Advanced High Performance Driving School

    This one day program picks up right where the 1 Day High Performance School or High Performance Driving and Racing Combo leave off. 

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    1 Day Racing School

    This is the ideal program for helping the motorsport enthusiast. Once you try the One Day Racing School, you are sure to want to come back for more.

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    3 Day Racing School

    It All Starts Here. The Three Day Racing School is every driver’s  gateway to motorsports and racing.

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    2 Day Advanced Racing School

    This school picks up right where the Three Day Racing School leaves off and helps the participant transition from student to Racer. In this school, students are able to polish the skill set developed, while adding speed and consistency.

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    Race Series

    Skip Barber Racing School is the leader in training motorsports of the future through entry-level, equal car championships.

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